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AHRI Virology Internship 2023/2024


The AHRI virology internship is an expository program for young South African virologists who seek to broaden their knowledge in a scientific environment. As a unique employer, AHRI offers workers a culture that influences development and learning. Interns will take up functions that steer them toward career growth. However, professional competence is a prerequisite for entry into this program.

Therefore, applicants must be graduates, detail-oriented, and able to practice their knowledge of laboratory procedures. Alongside an opportunity to boost your resume, your contribution to the AHRI virology internship also affords you professional validation. Here are other reasons why you should consider an AHRI internship. 

About Africa Health Research Institute

The African Health Research Institute (AHRI) is a prominent South African-based research institute established in 2016. AHRI utilizes research data from the population, clinical, and social services as the basis for their intervention in the welfare and health of South Africans. 

The institute is located on two campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. AHRI’s major sponsors and partners include the South African government, local communities, educational institutions, and other significant stakeholders across Africa. 

Also, it has over 700 scientists across their research facilities implementing their vision of improving the welfare and health of people in neglected communities. 

Overview of AHRI Virology Internship

AHRI Virology internship is a work experience necessary for an extensive knowledge of Virology research procedures. Shortlisted candidates will join ongoing virology research at the Ndung’u laboratory in AHRI’s Durban research campus. 

In addition, they’ll contribute to experiments, maintain cell lines, and handle Live Virus Neutralization assays on different SARS-COV-2 variants. AHRI interns will enjoy due compensation for engaging in this research program.

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What are the responsibilities of an AHRI virology intern? 

Virology interns should be able to lend their experience to the growth of the Ndung’u Laboratory team by handling the following tasks; 

  • Cell culture conservation

Produce and conserve cell lines for equal spread of viruses. Ensure a standard state of culture, sterility, and growth process.

  • Virus Dissemination

Help with the dissemination of viruses within secure cell lines under standard regulations. 

  • Experiment Organization 

Put together necessary solutions, media, and reagents for experiments. 

Contribute to experiments, measure viral titers, and scrutinize cell virus-cell interactions. 

  • Handling Samples

Systematize and prepare samples for new experiments like in Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent (ALISA) and Live Virus Neutralization (LVN). 

  • Data analysis and documentation

Meticulously document data from experiments and manage specific laboratory notebooks. 

  • Observe safety measures

Abide by safety rules guiding bio-hazardous substances

Practice laboratory hygiene and be mindful of possible risks. 

What qualifies me for the AHRI virology internship? 

  • Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Biology, Virology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, or similar fields. 
  • Primary knowledge of virology fundamentals, cell culture processes, and laboratory procedures
  • Record-keeping skills for experimental procedures and results. 

What are the benefits of the AHRI virology internship? 

  • Salary: $15 per hour
  • Medical aid
  • Practical experience
  • Professional guidance

Location: Durban, South Africa. 

Duration: 1-2 years

Application closing date: 15 September, 2023.

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How to apply

  • Click on the AHRI career portal to submit your application
  • Upload your CV along with your application 
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an interview invitation. 

Frequently asked questions on AHRI virology internship

What does the selection process at AHRI entail? 

As part of the recruitment process, selected candidates will sit for interviews and complete employee risk assessments. 

Can I send my application through email? 

Unless the resources team specifically demands you forward your resume via email, you must complete the entire application process on AHRI’s website. 


To put it briefly, Virologists who actively participate in this program will leave AHRI with deeper knowledge of cellular biology techniques and general laboratory practices. This internship comes with opportunities that build up your professional capabilities. 



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