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What is internship? How it works and benefits


An internship has become an experience both students and entry-level professionals aim for because of various reasons. It provides individuals with an opportunity to learn, grow, and navigate their chosen industry.

Whether you want to distinguish yourself from other job seekers or earn academic credits, internships serve multiple purposes. Moreover, it is an opportunity to enjoy financial benefits while you go through personal development.

Although internships are starting to gain popularity among young professionals, many don’t understand the rationale behind this program. For this reason, we’ll let you in on the concept of internships and their benefits.

What is an internship?

It is a period of training that allows participants to gain work experience, professional insight, and career skills. It can be a virtual program where you can train online or a physical program which means you must report in person. For this program, age is not a major factor however, experience matters.

Applicants must be entry-level professionals or students who have minimal experience in a specific field. That said, internships provide hands-on experience to kick-start your career and can vary in duration. Depending on the employer, It may last weeks or even months.

Some schools make it a compulsory part of the curriculum for students to earn extra credit. In other words, students have to get career-related experience to further their education.

How do internships work?

Ideally, internships are for students or entry-level professionals seeking a knowledge-expanding experience in a specific field. Before sending applications, it is important to understand your purpose for pursuing an internship.

Above other things, internships can be career-boosting, confidence-building, and even skill-enhancing. Ensure your purpose becomes a guide to finding a fitting company, or host for your training.

If there’s an intern opening in your preferred company, feel free to send your applications. Before that, ensure you meet the requirements and be sure you’ll be available for the duration of the training. If you land an internship, take on your assignments to the best of your ability.

For effective management of your role, you may need to enhance your skills or acquire new skills. Additionally, employers assist with personal coaching sessions to help you transition into your role.

Now that you understand how internships work, you must also learn its benefits. Let’s look at some of them.

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Benefits of internships

Allows you to gain work experience

With internships, you are sure to acquire practical knowledge in any field. During your time at school, tutors may focus more on the theoretical aspect of your career. However, you need more than verbal education to succeed in the real work world.

Internships provide real-life situations allowing you to apply what you learned in school. Through these projects, you get on-the-job training and orientation to the industry. More so, you can hone your skills and prepare to handle similar roles in the future.

Opportunity to earn stipends

This may not be the primary goal of internships but it sure counts as one of its perks. Most employers run paid internships which means participants will receive some amount of compensation for their work.

Depending on the agreement, it may be financial benefits, regular employee perks, or both. For financial benefits, some employers offer stipends while others pay hourly wages.

Essentially, they serve as a reward for your contribution to the company and can help foot your bills. If for any reason you become officially employed in the company, they will increase your pay to match a full-time position.

Boosts your resume

Young professionals ready to get a resume boost should consider internships. Keep in mind that a strong resume gives you an edge over your competitors.

By highlighting the skills, projects, and experiences on your resume, you increase your worth. Moreover, an outstanding performance may attract recommendations in the training session which helps you get your foot in the door of potential employers.

Offers professional guidance

Most interns are assigned mentors who coach them in the areas of personal and professional development. Usually, mentors are company experts who have a solid background in the industry.

Other times, your role as an intern may expose you to a network of professionals who show you career-specific skills. They guide you through your daily tasks and offer corrections when necessary, helping you break into the industry.

It is easier to reach your career goals with professional mentorship. Aside from coaching, they help supervise you and assess your performance in the program.


If you are lucky, internships can serve as a stepping stone to permanent employment so choosing the right employer is crucial. Finally, it’s advisable to apply early if your target employer is highly in demand.


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