Top 10 Best Students Loans in South Africa with Low Rates

It might be challenging to pay for education on your own at times, and obtaining a study loan is not always simple.

On their student loans, several financial institutions have strict conditions.


Top 10 Best Students Loans in South Africa


Some lenders expect the loan recipient to repay the debt as soon as their studies are complete. Other financial firms provide high-interest student loans.

Top 10 Best Students Loans in South Africa

However, some financial institutions provide borrowers with loans and flexible repayment schedules, giving them adequate time to pay back the debts once they land jobs. In addition to having various repayment alternatives, some offer a fixed interest rate while others base their interest rates on the applicant’s credit score.

How do Student Loans work?

You and your parent or legal guardian (who has a job) must apply for a student loan through a financial institution (such as a bank). While you are a student, your parent or guardian will be responsible for making monthly payments on the interest part of the student loan. You will be responsible for repaying the capital component of the student loan in your name in monthly installments once you have graduated.

Student loans: Are They a Good Option?


This question has a circumstantial conclusion. While student loans may be a fantastic way for some students to finance their education, for others who may have quite different financial situations, they may be intimidating.

You should ask yourself the following query to determine whether or not you should submit an application for a student loan: Will I be able to continue my education if I don’t get a student loan? Applying for a loan is advised if the response is no. However, it is advised to forgo getting a student loan if you can still complete your studies through other means.

South Africa’s top 10 Study Loans

  1. The National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NASFAS)
  2. FBN Student Loans
  3. EduLoan
  4. ABSA
  5. Challenor Finance
  6. Fundi
  7. Nedbank
  8. Sanlam Students Loans
  9. Standard Bank
  10. All Bursaries



1. The National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NASFAS)

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, is a parastatal of the government that falls under the Department of Higher Education and Training. It was created by the NSFAS Act (Act 56 of 1999) to help less fortunate students who want to continue their education at public universities or TVET colleges.


Under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or NSFAS, the South African government provides bursaries to students enrolled in public universities and TVET colleges who come from lower-income families with an annual income of less than R350,000.

What is covered by the bursary?

For students at universities and TVET colleges, DHET standards specify the maximum sums that can be awarded, which will cover housing, living expenses, transportation costs, and allowances for educational materials.


The amount of the housing bursary is based on the actual fees the university charges. Private housing expenses for students living off campus must not be higher than those for on-campus housing.

Transportation: R7,500 year for trips up to 40 kilometers from the institution

Living stipend: R15,000 annually

R5 200 in book allowances annually

R2900 is the annual incidental/personal care payment for students living in catered housing.


Accommodations: Housing allowances are based on residential areas:

R24,000 per year for housing in a city
R18,900 a year for lodging in a peri-urban setting
The cost of housing in a rural area each year is R15,750.
Transportation: R7,000 year, and R7,350 annually for travel up to 40 kilometers from the institution

R2,900 is the annual incidental/personal care allowance.

Qualification Standards

You must be a resident of South Africa.

All winners of SASSA grants are eligible for funding

students whose household incomes together do not exceed R350 000 annually

Individual with a disability whose annual household income is not to exceed R600 000

students whose household income is not more than R122 000 annually and who began their studies before 2024.

You cannot have previously applied, been approved, and received funding.


2. FBN Student Loans

With various repayment options and extremely low interest rates, FBN Student Loans is one of the top student loan providers in South Africa.

FBN Student Loans

Consider the FBN Student Loan if you need a loan to pay for your education.

The FNB Student Loan program offers funding for tuition, lodging, textbooks, and equipment.

With an interest rate as low as 0.5%, you can borrow up to R300,000.

For the FGN student loan, credit life insurance is required. According to FBN, the principal debtor and student are protected under its Customer Protection Plan in the event of death, temporary or permanent incapacity, layoffs, or inability to find work. If you want to utilize your own policy, you can also provide one that is appropriate for credit life insurance.

Use the FNB App to conveniently and effortlessly apply from any location at any time.

individual interest rate

Maximum loan amount: R300,000.

Interest rate: 0.5%, with a maximum loan amount of R300,000.

Payment schedule

FBN offers flexible methods of payment.

The bank claims that after a 12-month period during which you just pay interest and fees, you must begin paying back capital as well as interest and fees.

Qualification Criteria

You must satisfy the following requirements in order to be eligible for an FBN Student Loan:

be at least 18 years old.

The primary debtor must be employed full-time or be self-employed.

must be a resident of South Africa permanently.

Direct deposit of your salary is required into your bank account.

The student had to be enrolled in a recognized university.

A pre-qualifying evaluation must be completed before your application may be approved.

Documentation and Requirements

For people who are not bank customers as well as those who are, FNB has varied requirements.

For a FNB client

evidence of enrollment or registration from the school

the student ID issued by the establishment

Regarding a non-FNB client

green barcoded ID or smart ID card from South Africa

latest three months’ worth of paystubs or bank statements (latest six months’ worth of bank statements and the ITA 34 for clients who are self-employed)

evidence of residence that is not older than three months

evidence of enrollment or registration from the school

the student ID issued by the establishment

How to Use

Fill out the application on the FBN Student Loan website by logging in.


Download the bank’s mobile application for iOS or Android devices from the Apple Store or Google Play to submit an application.


3. EduLoan

One of the most popular options for lenders of student loans in South Africa is Eduloan. Its credit satisfies the National Credit Regulator’s standards.


Your entire educational cost, including tuition, books, supplies, living expenses, and personal maintenance, is covered by the Eduloan student loan.

Since they are aware of how expensive life is, they make sure to offer solutions for low-cost student loans.

Something that a young adult with additional obligations may pay back. Loans for students may be repaid in manageable monthly payments. In essence, they want to provide everyone the chance to go to school because a degree opens up opportunities for you in the future. Get a student loan that inspires you to improve yourself, one that helps you pay your bills and gives you peace of mind.

Student Loan Types

Principal Student Loan

The fundamental student loan covers your tuition costs, books, living expenses, and meals. It takes care of the needs you have in order to be the greatest student you can be.

With the exception of your academic success, which you’ll need to work hard to attain, such a credit plan will make your academic path one that is stress- and worry-free.

Alternative Financing Sources

Another choice is to choose a personal loan, which may be obtained by a legal guardian who is employed and receives a salary. If you weren’t approved for a student loan, alternative financing choices loans may be your only option.

Loan Amount

Loan up to R120,000

Rates of Interest

Interest rates at Eduloan start at a very low 6.5%.

The interest rates are typically the factor that causes people the most anxiety when applying for a student loan for college. When taking the economy into account, eduloan interest rates are not only inexpensive but also sensible.

Payment Plan

durations of up to 7 years for repaying student loans from Eduloan. After paying off your initial student loan, you can qualify for another one. In order to focus on other endeavors that could require your time and money, it is always a good idea to make sure that you pay off your student loan as quickly as you can.

Qualification Criteria

Every South African student is welcome to use Eduloan’s services.

Due to their understanding of the value of education, EduLoan does not discriminate and instead wants to support you in your educational endeavors.

How to Apply

Visit Eduloan website to apply –

Or visit Loansfind portal to apply –



ABSA loans is one the best study loans in South Africa.

Absa Student Loan:


For you to qualify for the ABSA students loan, you must be a South African citizen or one is permanent resident of South Africa and earn more than R3 000 a month.

ABSA Study Loan is offered to full-time or part-time students of any the following institutions:

University, university of technology, agricultural college, technical vocational education and training college (TVET)

Any private higher institution registered with Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

Aviation education from an ATO that has received approval from the SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

The loan could be made to:

a parent with income documentation

a sponsor or guardian with income documentation

a part-time student who is employed full-time and can provide evidence of their income

Payment Schedule

Interest is only paid for the academic year.

Only interest is paid for the first 12 months, with repayment beginning in month 13.

What you should be aware of with a Study Loan

What Does an ABSA Study Loan Cover?

Loan Amount

Minimum amount for an ABSA Study Loan is R15,000

The size of the loan is often determined by the risk and affordability of each consumer.

Loan also includes:

Mandatory textbooks

tuition costs, which include your enrollment

Accommodation (Only full-time students who are not living with family) (Only full-time students who are not living with family)

Computer hardware is needed for your study.


a legitimate South African ID card or passport

Using a municipal or rates bill as evidence of your residential address

Paystubs or bank statements from the last three months

Proof of studies in the form of a final admission letter or registration documentation

evidence of course fees for the academic year (bills/statements); for

tuition costs

Housing for full-time students who do not live with their parents or other close relations

Repayment Plans

You can opt to make capital and interest repayments or;

You can repay interest only for a period of 12 months.

When topping up an existing study loan, you may repay interest only for a further 12 months.

How to Apply

You can apply at any Absa branch (find branch at, or

Absa Student bureau; or

Call us on 0860 100 372.

5. Challenor Finance

We DO NOT charge any upfront fees. All fees are included in your monthly installments.

Complete the form below for an instant personal loan.

How to Apply

apply here

6. Fundi

The top expert in education finance in South Africa is Fundi. We at Fundi firmly believe that knowledge increases potential. You may pursue your ambitions with Fundi. From student loans for tuition and devices to MBA loans, Fundi covers all aspects of education financing. Through Fundi’s online platform, you can also download eBooks, purchase airtime and data, and discover student housing. Your entire educational needs are met here.

How to Apply

apply here –


7. Nedbank

Take out a personal loan or vehicle finance from Nedbank and open a Savvy Plus or Savvy Bundle Account for a chance to receive R200 cash back every month.​

How to Apply
apply here –

8. Sanlam Students Loans

Personal loans versus student loans
Personal loans are agreements made with a credit provider or financial institution for more broad uses, whereas student loans are customized to the needs of students and their parents or guardians.

Sanlam Students Loans

Payment conditions

The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa’s president, Russell Dickerson, explains that student loans have more lenient terms regarding repayment schedules. Every year of study is granted a new student loan by the only bank I am aware of. Many student loans, unlike personal loans, have provisions that allow you to begin repaying the loan only after you have finished your education and are able to find employment.
rates of interest

How to Apply

apply here –


9. Standard Bank

Do you need a fixed-term loan between R3000 and R300000? You can select the length and repayment amount for our term loans. Apply right away.

How to Apply

apply here –


10. All Bursaries

What is covered by the loan?


Fees for instruction, lodging, and equipment
Other information

Absa will provide you a student loan with a lower interest rate than any other lender.
only pay interest for the first 12 months, and only begin repayment in month 13
You must bring in at least R3000 every month.
On the basis of risk and affordability, your loan is accepted.




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