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Oxford University Press Internship 2023


The Oxford University Press internship is a work and training experience for young South Africans qualified to support OUP’s HR department. An internship within the HR unit of a prestigious publishing organization provides insights and strong resume points to outshine competitors in the job market. 

More so, this unlocks development opportunities and highlights the diverse range of useful skills to navigate the digital publishing industry. Candidates hoping to achieve this level of progress in their careers must understand that the Oxford University Press internship should be their top pick. 

About Oxford University Press 

In 1478, Oxford University Press which is currently the world’s largest printing press was established in Oxford, England. From its vantage position of the major press at the university, it has accomplished global visibility and operates in over 53 countries. 

They rely on their wealth of experience to revive the quality of research and education all over the world. Additionally, they oversee the delivery and translation of educational prints in over 100 languages.

OUP has 6000 employees including delegates from Oxford University who supervise the management of the press. The press also collaborates with technology firms to publish a diverse range of content.

Overview of Oxford University Press internship

The Oxford University Press internship offers diversity and inclusion programs that encourages professional networking. Along with the opportunity to cultivate career-specific skills, OUP Human Resources Management interns are also privy to unique growth strategies. 

Interns must carry out administrative duties and decipher unique solutions to the general needs of the HR team. This should give room for personal growth, acquisition and improvement of work skills which this program offers. 

Recruitment for the OUP internship will follow the Employment Equity plans.

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What are the major Responsibilities of Oxford University Press interns? 

  • Data capturing 
  • Coaching and development
  • All-round documentation and management 
  • Talent supervision
  • Reporting
  • Project supervision
  • Selection and recruitment 

What makes you the most suitable candidate for this position? 

  • Degree or diploma in HR/Industrial psychology 
  • Time management skills
  • Team player
  • Exceptional presentation and communication abilities 
  • Should be able to multi-task and deliver under pressure
  • Must be energetic and creative
  • Have a means to dependable transport

Attributes required to scale through the program

Inquisitive, teachable and eager to learn new things

Appreciates cooperation: Partner with internal and external teams

Innovative: Propose creative ideas and suggest solutions to tackle challenging projects

Flexibility: Have time management skills, work with deadlines, and deliver under pressure. 

Analytical skills: Ability to extract and analyze data

What are the benefits of the Oxford University Press internship? 

  • Health and wellness programs
  • Real-life work experience 
  • Professional coaching
  • Skills development
  • Stipends

Location: Goodwood, Western Cape, South Africa.

Duration: 12 months

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How to Apply

  • Eligible candidates can complete their application through Oxford University Press careers website. 
  • Attach a comprehensive CV to your application.
  • Complete preliminary assessments on the site and prepare for an actual interview. 

Application deadline: 18th September, 2023.

Frequently asked questions on the Oxford University Press internship

How long does the online application process take? 

So long as your resume is already attached, the online application takes about 15 minutes to complete. 

What if I need help to complete my application? 

Should you need assistance to fill the application, you can reach out to the recruitment team through the numbers on the website. 

How long does it take to get feedback after applying? 

You will receive a notification on your application status at least three weeks after the application’s deadline. 


In summary, this internship erects a foundation that generates ample career opportunities and upskill graduates for long-term career direction. The Oxford University Press internship supplements your literal knowledge with a practical experience in your field.


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