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Koch Instrumentation and controls engineering intern 2024


An opportunity to invest in career advancement is open through the instrumentation and controls engineering intern program. The internship is sponsored by Koch, a leading global company with the capacity to provide extensive training in multiple fields.

Also, the company runs a contribution-based reward system that benefits energetic employees. Participants will undergo a test because this role may involve harsh weather conditions or climbing heights.

Candidates must prove they can advance Koch’s vision to be eligible for this program. They must be studying for degrees affiliated with this field.

Applicants willing to join in this program should review this article for an application guideline.

About Koch Fertilizer 

Koch Fertilizers is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, an American company based in Wichita, Kansas. It has evolved from an ammonia production facility to a fertilizer manufacturer since its inception.

Koch has become a leading manufacturer of fertilizer products that increase plant yields. Additionally, they provide ATS, ammonia, phosphate, UAN, and urea on the side.

The company’s operations are run in four notable facilities in the United States, One in Canada, and across 60 countries. They have about 1300 employees and research students developing increasing knowledge around their terminals. 

This company is qualified to host training for professionals seeking orientation or in-depth experience in various departments.

Overview of Koch instrumentation and controls engineering intern program

At the Koch Instrumentation and Controls Engineering intern program, candidates will work with the control teams. They will be expected to work on all weekdays to advance system operations.

More so, there will be a need for previous work experience in the IC field. This role gives you access to work and development opportunities but may require someone already familiar with the field.

Interns will receive rewards according to their work. They will learn more strategies relevant to instrumentation and control engineering.

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Responsibilities of the Instrumentation and Control Engineering intern

  • Coordinate with Instrumentation and Controls Engineering and reliability.
  • Utilize fundamentals and engineering tools to develop instrumentation and control systems.
  • Partner with an exceptional engineer to gather information needed for trends and indicators
  • Assisted with assembling scope of works, organizing instrumentation and controlling tender packages, project development updates, construction, and as-built drawings.
  • Work with technologists and engineers in all project stages for a smooth delivery.
  • Collaborate with different engineering fields and consultants on multidisciplinary projects.
  • Relate with contractors, clients, and other investors.

Eligibility criteria for an Instrumentation and Control Engineering intern

  • A current third or fourth-year undergraduate in a recognized tertiary Electrical/Chemical/Instrumentation Engineering program.
  • Verifiable theoretical background in Instrumentation and Controls
  • Exhibited initiative, able to work unsupervised
  • Prior co-op or internship experience is an advantage

Benefits of the Instrumentation and Control Engineering intern

  • Salary: $30.88 per hour
  • Medical, vision, and dental benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Disability coverage
  • 24/7 nurse line

Location: Manitoba, Canada

Duration: Eight months

How to Apply

  • Register a candidate profile on the company’s website.
  • Ensure you keep your documents handy
  • Complete the form as directed and apply

Frequently Asked Questions on Koch Instrumentation and Controls Engineering Intern

How fast is the recruitment process for this instrumentation and controls engineering intern program?

This program may take twenty days to complete.

How many rounds of interviews should I expect?

Shortlisted candidates will go through three rounds of interviews before the final selection.

Can I find similar job offers of this nature in Canada?

Yes. You can find other related work opportunities here.


Candidates who wish to apply may do that without fear, as the recruitment process is free and fair. It is essential to read through the requirements for this program to be sure you are fit to participate.


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