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Insurance broker – What to expect and benefits


Purchasing any kind of insurance involves asking many questions and discussing the details. To get it right, you may need an insurance broker at the point of purchase or later after purchasing your insurance.

Insurance brokers perform various duties for their clients, and it is important not to confuse them with insurance agents.


One important duty of an insurance broker is helping their clients negotiate insurance and its policy. In this post, I will explain who an insurance broker is and what you can expect when you go for their services.

Who is an insurance broker?


An insurance broker is a licensed individual or company who acts as an intermediary or on behalf of their clients to ensure the insurance is in the client’s best interest. They are not attached to any insurance company but can have access to as many insurance companies within the state as they like, so they can be abreast of insurance activities and help their clients make better choices.

Insurance brokers are divided into different types based on their specialty areas. Businesses or individuals who need to be insured always seek a broker who is well-versed in the type of insurance policy they want.

What is the role of an insurance broker?

When you contract their services, they help you identify insurance risks and ways to manage them. Since they are familiar with the insurance field in-depth, they understand the terms and conditions and all the visible and hidden clauses of a policy and will break it down to your understanding.

They can also pick out a better insurance plan after reviewing your needs and explaining why you should opt for that coverage. All activities regarding a coverage purchase can go smoothly with better options with a broker at the helm of affairs.


During insurance claims, brokers offer excellent advice in their client’s interests and ensure that insurers do not mistreat them. They speak for their clients and settle for claims they believe are deserving of them.

Is an insurance broker an insurer?

Insurance brokers do not provide insurance coverage for their clients. Hence, they are not insurers. They only represent and speak for their clients during insurance activities.

Clients only relay their insurance needs and worries to brokers for advice and guidance. Whether the clients are individuals or companies, brokers will never provide insurance coverage because they do not sell it directly.


You can find this part from an insurance agent because they work directly with insurance companies to bring clients into the insurance company and get insured. Meanwhile, suppose you do not know where to begin your insurance journey but want someone who will look out for you according to your needs and financial capacity, help you get the best insurance provider, and negotiate on your behalf. In that case, an insurance broker will be your best bet.

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What are the benefits of insurance brokers?

Using the services of brokers can be very advantageous in your insurance journey. Some of the advantages you can benefit as a result of contracting a broker include:

  • Great insurance options

Insurance brokers are experts in getting you a better insurance provider according to what you wish to cover. They know all the insurance companies and how they offer their services to their clients.

  • Unbiased advice

Brokers only look out for their clients and not the insurance company. They come to the negotiation table with one focus: to get the best out of the company for their client.

When they review the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, they thoroughly advise you about the advantages and loopholes that might work against you in the future. They also offer unbiased risk management advice that will save you from financial loss in your coverage policy.

  • Cost saving

They intervene and help negotiate the price of your insurance premiums. They already know the amount that can cover any insurance need. Therefore, they try to bring down the premium cost while still getting you the best coverage.

  • Claims advantage

In the case of insurance claims, brokers offer the best guidance and let you know if you must pursue a claim, depending on your situation. They also throw their weight around to get you the good claim you deserve from your insurance provider and ensure your claim payments are sent out immediately.


Even though these brokers are extremely helpful in navigating insurance, they do not come cheap or free. However, it pays to get them on your side rather than experience losses and rip-offs in your coverage.



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