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Top 6 Good vehicle insurance companies in Canada


When we talk about good vehicle insurance companies, we are simply referring to providers with the best policies and rates. Fortunately, Canada is home to the best policy providers who can provide extensive coverage options suitable for your car.

As a new driver in Canada, getting insurance for your vehicle is compulsory. This means you will need one of these companies to show you the ropes. 

However, finding the perfect company for your needs may be tiring if you don’t know where to look. The article helps to ease your search with information about some top auto insurance companies. Keep reading.

Qualities of good vehicle insurance companies

You can tell an auto insurance company is worth your money if they possess these qualities;

Financial stability

Only a company with solid financial resources can offer you financial security. Therefore, it is important to avoid cheap providers who can’t fund your expenses. You can tell a company’s strength from the rating on its website. 

Extensive knowledge of insurance plans

Good vehicle insurance companies must stay up-to-date with insurance policies. Agents should be able to enlighten customers about every insurance policy and their benefits.

Additionally, there’s a need to be familiar with your competitor’s products and open to discussing alternatives to services you don’t offer.

Use of cutting-edge technology

You can tell the condition of an insurance company from the state of technology they use. A serious business will adopt modern technology for effective operations.

For instance, the use of tracking software, driver license scanners, and mobile apps can portray seriousness.

Variety of car insurance policies

A reliable company must offer a wide range of car products. Also, their policies should be above average.

Coverage should include add-ons like ride-sharing, reimbursement, and accident assistance.


In the world of insurance, cheap is not always the best. It is okay for an insurance company to offer discounts.

However, one should be wary of providers who offer prices that are too good to be true. 

Steps to take when choosing from good vehicle insurance companies

  • Spell out your needs
  • Search for companies that align with your needs
  • Read company reviews online
  • Compare insurance quotes with competitors
  • Purchase a policy from the best

List of good vehicle insurance companies in Canada

Here are some of the best car insurance providers in Canada;

Co-operators insurance

Co-operators Insurance is a car insurance company with a five-star rating. They are popular for its excellent customer service and variety of insurance products.

Co-operators are the best option for new drivers who need cheap insurance. Founded 80 years ago, the company now ranks as the best car insurance in Ontario and the second best in Alberta. Apart from car insurance, they also provide home and life insurance

Coverage options 

  • Comprehensive top-ups
  • Liability
  • Collision


  • Loss-of-use
  • Bundling discounts
  • Depreciation protection
  • Lower premiums for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Accident forgiveness

Contact: 1-800-454-8061 


Founded in Quebec in 1997, Belairdirect is a major provider of car and home insurance in Canada. They are famous as the first company to offer direct quotes to customers through an online user-friendly app.

Also, they have other physical locations in Ontario, Labrador, Alberta, Newfoundland, and British Columbia.

Contact: 1-887-228-2656


Even as an American company, Travelers has a solid presence in Canada. They offer a variety of car insurance solutions fit for different vehicles including antique and recreational cars.

A distinct feature of Travelers is their usage-specific insurance made possible by their IntelliDrive program. With the aid of their mobile app, they can observe drivers’ performance.

Drivers with good habits get lower rates while there’s a premium increase for high-risk drivers. 

Coverage options

  • Uninsured motorist
  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Loss-of-use
  • Comprehensive coverage.


TD Insurance

TD Insurance is a subsidiary of TD Bank Group. They offer a vehicle policy that favors a large population of motorists in Canada.

TD partners with both public and private companies to ensure their rates are affordable. In addition to this, customers have access to a mobile app that simplifies the claim process.

Contact: 1-855-724-2883


Judging by market share, Aviva is the third largest insurance company in Canada. Their insurance policy is standard and comes at a fair rate.

You can access discounts if you are a retiree or bundle policies, insure multiple cars, and stay claims-free. 

Lyft drivers can opt for this company as they have a partnership with Lyft Canada. Like most vehicle insurance providers, Aviva offers multiple add-ons for car protection.

Coverage benefits include;

  • Accident assistance for the first at-fault accident
  • Minor conviction protection
  • Disappearing deductible
  • Ridesharing coverage
  • Vehicle replacement

Contact: 1-800-103-7766 

Desjardins Insurance 

Desjardins is the choice company for car owners in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. Established in 1994, they have become a leading home, auto, and business policy provider.

At Desjardin, there are several products to accommodate different drivers and lifestyles. Their online services allow you to get a free quote or even purchase a plan.


  • Double contract discount
  • Students rates
  • Lower premiums for safe parking
  • Vehicle protection
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Zero deductible

Contact: 1-888-277-8726


Now you know how to spot good vehicle insurance companies, you can choose one that matches your priorities the most.

Ultimately, the quality of your vehicle policy depends on your choice of providers. So, take your time to weigh your options.


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