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CNIB global development and research intern 2024



In a bid to revolutionize its services, CNIB is scouting applicants for the role of global development and research intern. This is a delicate position where you can rely only on your personal or professional experience to make an impactful contribution.

For this reason, there are essential attributes applicants must exhibit to be accepted for this internship. In addition to having experience, interns must be mission-driven and passionate about people with low vision.

They will support the development of opportunities and the creation of communities devoid of discrimination against these people. We must learn more about the host organization before discussing the intern’s impact in detail.

About CNIB

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind is a charity organization founded in 1918. The foundation provides assistance to individuals with blindness or vision loss.

As a non-profit organization, their cause attracts support from partners, donors, and a healthy network of volunteers. Some of their projects include providing health care, education, and innovative programs to empower people affected by blindness.

Overview of CNIB global development and research intern program

This is a full-time program, so interns must be willing to work for at least 35 hours per week. Interns will report to the Chief Accessibility Officer, Vice President, Research & International Affairs.

During the global development and research intern program, they will also provide support through some responsibilities. Unlike other Canadian training programs, CNIB will not offer direct financial compensation for your time. Instead, it will fund your expenses throughout the internship period.

Duties of the global development and research intern

  • Participate in coaching and training activities
  • Assist the organization by completing tasks and assignments
  • Consistently show up for meetings with the CNIB International Youth internship unit
  • Be involved in disability-inclusive international development and research schemes under the preceptors’ delegation
  • Plan and participate in knowledge translation activities
  • Oversee special company projects.
  • Carryout academic literature research and write an official review

Criteria for CNIB global development and research intern program

  • Experience and qualifications
  • Canadian citizenship
  • Must be persons living with disability who are around 18-30 years of age
  • Functions as team members and independent workers
  • Open to engaging in disability-inclusive international development and research activities.
  • Willing to handle eight consecutive weeks of international travel
  • Eager to participate in mentorship and training activities
  • Capable of handling several deadlines
  • Practical experience with assistive technology and/or a user-friendly environment is a significant quality.
  • Proficiency with communication technologies (Teams/Zoom)
  • Experience (personal or professional) with blindness is a bonus

Benefits of CNIB global development and research internship

  • Opportunity to manage meaningful project
  • All expense-paid trips
  • Inclusive workplace
  • Coverage for living expenses

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Duration: Eight weeks

Application deadline: April 5, 2024.

Application guide

The success of your application depends on how well you abide by these rules.

  • You will find an online application on the CNIB website. Complete it and submit it with a cover letter, resume, and two professional references.
  • Provide detailed answers to the following questions;
  • What was your most significant extracurricular experience?
  • What do you understand by disability-inclusive international development and advancement?
  • What is your experience with inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility?
  • What qualifies you for this internship?
  • Use the Arial or Verdana font, a minimum 12-point size, and a Word document for your documents. Don’t include your relatives in your list of references, and ensure your resume is not more than two pages.

Frequently Asked Questions on CNIB global development and research intern program

What is the date of this internship?

The CNIB global development and research intern program is scheduled to be held from May 21, 2024, to August 9, 2024. 

Will participants receive a salary during this program?

No. Interns will not get any direct salary as compensation. However, the organization will cover the cost of travel and living expenses.

Am I likely to find other internship programs in Canada?

Yes. You can find a lot of internship opportunities here.


 Ultimately, CNIB is creating opportunities for persons with disabilities through this program. The application process for this program may be intense, but our guidelines will ensure you complete it quickly.


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