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Canada visa requirements


Not getting your Canada visa requirements right before application can cause you to lose your travel chance. Your reason for traveling to Canada determines the documents and requirements you must adhere to.

For example, your Canada student visa requirement differs from a Canada medical visa requirement. The same goes for travelers from various countries.


The correct visa requirement begins with your country of residence and extends to your reason for travel. However, there are general documents everyone visiting the country must have before going for the specifics that announce your intention to travel.


There are some countries where nationals do not need a visa to visit Canada. These countries are on a visa waiver program granted by the Canadian government.

Anyone looking to visit Canada with a visa must ensure that their country is not listed for this program. Otherwise, you need to check the following general updated visa requirements and pay attention to this post.

What are the Canada visa requirements?

The general requirements you must have before going for a Canadian visa include the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Perfect health certificate
  • Canadian application form specific to your travel intention
  • Receipt for the Canadian visa application fees
  • Proof of home ties that shows you plan to return
  • Proof of enough funds for your travel, which can come as a bank statement or pay slips
  • Police report on criminal record
  • Age
  • Biometric fees
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Flight information

Canada visa requirements breakdown

A valid passport

A valid passport must be your country of residence’s international passport. You must also include your details, the date of issuance, the passport number, and the expiration date. All these must be included on the information page and in a photocopied form.


Passport-sized photographs

Two passport-sized photographs taken according to the Canadian immigration standard. You may get a special photographer familiar with the Canadian passport photograph standard, or you can take the requirements to a photographer to follow the instructions.

Perfect health certificate

Suppose you will travel to Canada for six months or less; you may not need to bother about a medical examination.

However, if you must stay longer or interact heavily with other people, you must show proof of sound health by going to a certified doctor who is a panel Physician for your country. The result of your medical exam is the proof you need to add to your Canada visa application.


Canadian application form specific to your travel intention

Every traveler has a reason for visiting Canada. Download the correct application form that fits your travel purpose and complete it correctly.

Receipt for the Canadian visa application fees

You must pay a fee for your application, which varies depending on your reason for visiting Canada. You must save the receipt when you pay, as you will need it during your application.

Proof of home ties that shows you plan to return

One good reason for your visa interviewer to know that you will return to your country is that you bring strong, convincing proof that you must return. A very positive way to do that is by having strong family ties in your country of residence, such as family ties, landed properties, thriving businesses, etc.

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Proof of enough funds

You need proof of funds to show the immigration authorities that you can care for yourself while visiting Canada. If you are coming by invitation, your host must disclose his bank statement to show they can care for your needs throughout your stay. Proof of funds may be in pay slips, bank statements, or tax returns.

Police report on criminal record

As part of your Canada visa requirements, you must have a police report from your country of residence that proves you do not have a criminal record. Canada loves law-abiding visitors, and having a criminal record can make the authorities deny you a visa because you will be considered a danger to the country.


Adults (18 and above) can travel alone, but minors must travel with their guardians or parents as dependents.

Biometric fees

Your biometrics, which includes scanning your fingerprints for identity, must be part of your documentation. You must also have a receipt showing you paid for this activity.

Proof of accommodation

This requirement is essential. You must show that you won’t travel to Canada and become homeless. Therefore, you must book a hotel and show the reservation date and when you will exit the hotel after your stay.

Should a family member or friend decide to house you, they must provide their home address and social security number.

Flight tickets information

Your flight tickets showing the dates you arrive and the date you will exit the country is very important. This is for those with temporary visas.



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