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H1b visa requirements and application


Among the various types of United States visas is the H1b visa. The H1b visa is specially for those traveling to the United States temporarily to work for their US employer.

Many companies in the United States hire workers who do highly specialized work but reside in another country. Then, invite and sponsor them to the US temporarily to continue the job.

The employer must begin the visa process by applying for the H1b visa on behalf of the employee. However, the employer must first get approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and prove that the invitation will not hurt the employment opportunity for United States citizens.

Upon arrival, the employer must pay the employee the salary other workers in the same position receive or the salary paid to workers in the same job in that geographical area.

Who is eligible for an H1b visa?

Those who offer specialty jobs to their US employers can be eligible for this visa if the employer can not find anyone in the States who is qualified enough.

The employer must also have the right to employ a worker outside the United States. Specialty jobs are not strictly limited but higher in Tech jobs, Medical, Engineering, Law, IT, and other related fields.

The specialty Job must require a higher education certificate, and the employee must have the following documents and requirements.

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s, or a Ph.D. in that field
  • Or possess any related higher education certificate in the same field
  • Be exceptionally skilled in your field.

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How long is the H1b visa valid for?

The H1b visa can be valid for three years. Upon expiration, the employer can decide to extend it for the next three years by filling out Form I-129 all over again.

If an employee’s contract ends or they lose their job, they can find a new job where the employer is willing to extend their visa status with the new job. This grace is 60 days, or you return to your home country.

H1b visa requirements

  • The H1b visa application form, correctly filled out
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Valid passport with blank pages
  • Letter from the US employer stating the job description
  • Form I-129 original and one extra copy
  • Two passport-sized photographs that are snapped according to the US photograph requirements
  • Your degree or skill certificates
  • Original and copy of Form I-797
  • Resume
  • Bank statements
  • Information about your current and former employers
  • An offer letter from your new job in the US
  • Information and pictures of your current and former locations

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Additional documents for those who have worked in the US before

  • Resume
  • Tax return forms
  • Former employer’s information
  • Paycheck from the past year.

How to apply for H1b visa

Before starting the application process, ensure you have your documents ready, including the ones from your employer.

  • Visit the embassy or the Visa Application Center
  • Pay your H1b visa fees
  • Fill out the Form DS-160 correctly
  • Schedule an interview appointment
  • Submit all your documents
  • Do your biometrics
  • Go for your interview bright and early
  • Wait for your visa verdict

You will receive an email from the embassy or an SMS regarding your visa application.


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