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SASSA Status Check


The South African government now offers financial assistance to citizens, refugees, holders of special permits, and asylum seekers through the Social Relief Stress Grant (SRD Grant). The R350 SRD social grant may be applied for by applicants between the ages of 18 and 60 who have insufficient means, are not eligible for or contributing to UIF payments, do not receive any social grants on their own behalf, and are not receiving financial assistance from any other source.

SASSA Status Check

Section 32 of the Social Assistance Act of 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004), which established the SRD Grant, was authorized by the Minister of Finance.

Till March 2024, the SRD Grant will be in effect.

How can I find out how my SRD Grant is doing?

What is the meaning of my SRD Grant status?

You will probably receive an answer (meaning) when you check the status of your SRD grant, which we will address below.

application successful: This indicates that your application was submitted successfully, and you will receive notification of your SRD R350 Grant each month. Make sure to regularly check the SASSA SRD website for updates on your verification and payment process.
awaiting for bank information Your application or reapplication was received, but the necessary banking information or preferences were missing. In this situation, be sure to enter your financial information on the SASSA SRD website.

Reapplication pending: This indicates that no reapplication was submitted, and your next course of action is to submit an online application. Date (such as December) still pending: Your application was submitted successfully, and the application verification time is still open. Later in the month, be sure to revisit to update yourself on the situation.
Approved for the period (ex. December): This indicates that your application was accepted for the specified time frame. To keep track of when you will receive your money, be sure to check the “payday” section. If a “payday” value is not provided, it indicates that no payment has been handled as of yet.

Declined for Time (ex. December): This indicates that your application was turned down for the specified period, and you will be given a reason. If this occurs and you believe the reason is unjust, you can make a request for reconsideration using the website.
Your grant has been canceled, as indicated by the word “canceled.” You can use the website to reinstate your grant if you would want to.

It’s crucial to remember that all of your information must be given online and will be (i.e. there is no need to upload any documents.) As a result, it is essential that you give SASSA your mobile phone number so that you can be contacted with information about the progress of your application.

How should I respond if my application is turned down?
You have the option to challenge the SASSA’s decision if your application is rejected. For each month that your application was turned down, you must file an appeal with the Department of Social Development. Be careful to file an appeal at DSD appeals if your application has been rejected for any time starting in April 2024.

You will receive information on how to file an appeal as well as news that your application has been rejected. If you don’t submit an appeal for each month that your application was turned down, the initial judgment will stand (i.e. your application continues to be declined).

This is the final reconsideration and explanation for your SRD grant denial if you appeal your application and it is nonetheless rejected:

SASSA Status Check

How can my grant application be updated?

Since April 2024, all active SRD R350 grant applications and reapplications have been taken into consideration for each month up until March 2024. You can revise your answers to the screening questionnaire if you have already applied. Visit the reconfirmation page whenever your situation changes or if you wish to make any corrections.

Are there any further details I should give SASSA?
For their application to be taken into consideration, applicants must confirm or provide the following information to SASSA through their representative:

Proof that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms in the Declaration and Consent documents
Your specifications
Your cellphone’s area code
Information about your employment and sustainable living practices
Your bank account details

How can I withdraw or resubmit my application?
You may withdraw your application if your situation changes and you no longer require or qualify for the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant.

If you need to resubmit an application that you previously canceled, you can do so.

My SRD Grant will be paid when and how?
The SRD Grant is paid after the candidate’s application has been processed, unlike other grants which are given on set dates each month.

Once recipients of SRD Grants can withdraw their funds from banks or authorized retail stores (Checkers, Pick N Pay, Shoprite, and Boxer Stores), they will be notified by SMS.


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