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HR Reward Analyst Internship


The HR Reward Analyst internship is a stimulating work experience tailored to expose graduates to HR-related functions and practices. As with all early career programs, internships in South Africa create entry-level work opportunities for young professionals training to establish a career. 

Regardless of their experience level, they’ll gain exposure, develop skills, and explore growth tactics necessary for career success. In addition, this HR Reward Analyst internship will provide interns with significant experience related to analytics, thus building competent professionals. 

For potential candidates, this article will serve as a practical guide to a successful application and an introduction to their job description. 

About PPS South Africa 

PPS is a South African financial services company established in 1941. They offer exclusive healthcare, insurance, and investment options to their clients. 

These clients comprise doctors, accountants, lawyers, and professionals from various fields. PPS also covers the financial needs of members and their families from graduation through retirement. 

The company values employee services and contribution to the brand’s growth; hence, they regard their career development as the utmost priority. 

Overview of HR Reward Analyst Internship

The PPS (Human Resources) HR Reward Analyst internship is an essential training every intending analyst must experience as part of their career development plans. For this program, interns will work with the head of rewards at the Parktown department to research remuneration and benefits. 

This responsibility comes with expert guidance and professional connections with company staff and executives. Candidates must also possess excellent communication skills to relay market trends and recommend solutions. 

Detailed knowledge of reward and benefits policies, proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, and strong analytical skills are necessary to support their role.

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What are the responsibilities of the HR Reward Analyst intern? 

At PPS, HR Reward Analyst interns must efficiently complete the following tasks; 

  • Intense and regular research, standards, trends, and insight on commission, perks, and similar areas suggest ideas for the amendment of the Reward Strategy and Remuneration and Benefits laws. 
  • Conduct external studies for tax adjustment, legislation connected to remuneration and benefits, and proffer solutions.
  • Assist the team with external and internal remuneration and benefit surveys.
  • Study the trends in tax legislation and relay information to staff and payroll.
  • Develop ideas for remuneration, benefits-related programs
  • Handle remuneration, benefits, and payroll administration 

What are the minimum requirements for the HR Reward Analyst internship? 

  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the following fields;
  • Human Resources Management
  • Commerce
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Industrial psychology 
  • An Honours Degree in the fields listed above is a bonus

Necessary Knowledge and Skills

  • Must be eloquent
  • Must be computer literate
  • High analytical skills
  • Has an eye for detail 

What do I stand to gain from this HR Reward Analyst internship? 

  • Stimulating work environment 
  • Training programs
  • Work-life balance

Location: Gauteng, South Africa 

Application deadline: 31, October, 2023.

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How to Apply for the HR Reward Analyst Internship

  • First, visit the PPS recruitment website and click on the program of your choice.
  • Applicants must thoroughly read the job advert to ensure they are ideal for the role. 
  • Afterward, they may download the application form and fill it out with the correct information. 
  • Upload valid copies of all supporting documents, including your academic certificates.
  • Submit and wait for feedback 

Frequently Asked Questions on the HR Reward Analyst internship

How long does the selection process take? 

The process takes not more than eight working days to complete. 

What is the duration of this program? 

The PPS HR Reward Analyst internship will last for one year. 


In conclusion, this program favors fresh graduates seeking training opportunities, career exposure, and skills enhancement. 



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