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Facilities Management graduate program 2024- Growthpoint


The Facilities Management graduate program is a training engagement that extends skills and knowledge vital to the property management industry. Signing up for this graduate program implies readiness to take responsibility for professional and personal development.

Like most graduate programs in South Africa, Growthpoint allows trainees to apply their theoretical knowledge while adding value to their teams. Applicants interested in the Facilities Management Graduate role must assist with company projects, research work, and analysis. This article will provide an in-depth knowledge of the daily tasks and benefits of participation in this program.

Overview of Growthpoint Properties.

Growthpoint is the largest property company in South Africa. The company specializes in creating value through innovative housing designs and property solutions.

Also, it is famous for its asset development services; Growthpoint South Africa intends to improve accommodation needs by developing tailor-made houses to suit client tastes. They are a reputable property brand that offers exquisite retail, industrial, and office properties.

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Overview of Growthpoint Facilities Management Graduate Program

Growthpoint is equipping graduates to manage properties and improve their abilities. Due to the nature of their daily responsibilities, candidates must show basic knowledge of property management and certifications to back it up.

In addition to this, a valid ID card is essential as trainees may have to travel and work at off-site offices during this program. This learning experience helps the facilities management graduate trainee build and adopt relevant work skills.

What is the job description for the Facilities Management Graduate?

  • Shows top analytical and problem-solving skills, effects adjustments to service delivery, and constantly impacts service advancement.
  • Daily display of exceptional communication (verbal and written) in creating and presenting policies, articles, reports, briefings, and other documentation.
  • Contribute to the application of references from other sectors, including observing and analyzing action plans.
  • Write business reports and appropriately relay information to the right audience for necessary impact and results.
  • Nurture and sustain a solid professional relationship with fellow employees with the host function/ team, project teams, and other meaningful external/internal connections.
  • Assume full responsibility for personal and professional advancement.
  • Become a passionate team member and participate fully in events and meetings when necessary.
  • Always abide by Growthpoint values.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Facilities Management Graduate position?

Educational requirements

  • N6 Building and Civil Engineering/Ndip Engineering

Professional competencies

  • Great presentation skills
  • Detail-focused and exceptional organizational skills
  • Ability to deliver seamlessly under pressure
  • Excellent combination of analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of computer applications (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Deep understanding of development, construction documents, and agreements.

Personal qualities

  • Zealous and valuable
  • Can withstand pressure and handle private problems
  • Ability to grow in a challenging workplace
  • Available to work overtime
  • Ability to multitask and exhibit flexibility

What are the benefits of Growthpoint’s Facilities Management graduate program?

  • Personal and professional advancement
  • Professional connection
  • On-the-job training
  • Expert mentorship
  • Salary

Location: Sandton, Johannesburg.

Duration: 11 months

Application status: Ongoing

How to apply

  • Candidates must follow the process on the Growthpoint copy website 
  • First, complete the application form with the correct information
  • Attach the following documents to your form;
  • CV
  • A detailed cover letter
  • Complete transcripts/academic certificates
  • Copy of your Identity document
  • Wait for feedback

Frequently Asked Questions on Facilities Management Graduate

What is the nature of this contract?

This is a temporary contract for entry-level professionals.

Can I participate in this program while enrolled in an academic program?

No, this is not a work and study program. Candidates must not combine this training with any academic program.

Are there related training programs for South African graduates?

Yes. Graduates can go through various ongoing internships in South Africa here.


In conclusion, as a Facilities Management graduate trainee, you will connect with executive employees and industry leaders to advance your career journey.


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