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CGS Sales Support Graduate 2024


The role of the Sales Support Graduate is open to eligible candidates from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. The company is willing to incorporate trainees’ unique perspectives to enhance customer experience.

While CGS equips participants in graduate programs with professional skills, they also expect trainees to apply their knowledge and skills to the development of the sales team. More so, practical contribution to the coordination of sales processes will increase the possibility of a permanent job within CGS South Africa.

This article presents further insights into the essential skills and benefits connected with the CGS sales support graduate training.

About CSG

CSG is a dynamic company dedicated to tackling business challenges for some of the world’s most distinguished brands. The company adopts a progressive approach to advance global companies and prompt great customer experiences.

Additionally, they form partnerships with growing companies and offer services that help them meet the needs of the digital economy. CSG celebrates diversity, hence the intentional recruitment of diverse individuals to improve the company with the power of all.

Overview of the Sales Support Graduate Program

CGS is offering an appealing training experience to South Africans through a 12-month graduate program. This is a hybrid position that promises trainees a flexible schedule.

The perfect fit for the sales support graduate position must have certain attributes to deliver value and solutions to customers. In addition, trainees must have their complete academic transcripts to prove they have basic knowledge of sales and business administration.

Graduate trainees at the CSG sales team will explore and train with sales experts during this program. This interaction will provide valuable connections to steer them to greater professional paths.

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What is the job description of a CGS Sales Support Graduate Intern?

The office of the Sales Support Graduate at CGS South Africa involves unique tasks that drive the personal and career development of trainees.

These responsibilities include but are not limited to;

  • Development of sales quotes
  • Accountability to the Sales Manager supervising Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.
  • Helping out the Sales team with coordination and other administrative duties.
  • Available to participate in all graduate training programs for one year
  • Contribution to the organization and coordination of sales meetings and events 

What qualifies you for the position of Sales Support Graduate?

The ideal candidate for this program must meet the following requirements;

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Administration, or Business
  • Mastery of English in a business environment
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office applications
  • Must be customer-focused
  • Has a valid South African identification document
  • Complete academic record

What are the benefits of the Graduate Program?

  • Group training
  • Flexible work environment
  • Engage in employee rapport groups
  • Opportunity for advanced learning
  • Accommodation for trainees with disabilities

Location: ZA. Centurion Office

Duration: 12 months

Application Status: Ongoing

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How to apply

  • CV and cover letter
  • Academic records
  • Valid ID document

Finally, wait for feedback

Frequently Asked Questions on the Sales Support Graduate Program

What attributes will make me stand out from other applicants?

For this role, CGS is looking for individuals who are team players, strategists, growth drivers, and leaders.

Is there a work schedule for the Sales Support interns?

Yes. Trainees are expected to work from the Centurion office at least three times a week.

Are there other training programs for graduates in South Africa?

Yes, there are. You can find suitable graduate programs for South Africans here.


In conclusion, through the sales support graduate program, trainees will gain valuable skills and discover strategies to resolve complex sales issues.


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