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Top 6 travel agents in UK


Choosing to use the services of top travel agents in UK is a sure way to ensure a seamless travel experience. Not only do they suggest great destinations, but they also manage the entire trip planning from start to finish.

In the United Kingdom, there are quite a few agencies responsible for seven out of ten successful trips. Having one of them in your corner not only protects you from the complexities of trip planning but, source deals for you.

Overall, catering to your travel needs from recommendations to bookings is only part of the numerous benefits they offer. Should you decide to travel, this article offers suggestions for top travel agents with exceptional customer service.

Here’s a list of popular travel agents in UK

Flight center

Renowned for its quality service, Flight Center is a public company with its headquarters in Australia. However, they have various branches around the globe still offering the best rates for domestic and international trips.

Choosing this agency gives you access to various travel services, rental services, and good holiday deals. In addition, you’ll get an expert to guide you through your planning process.


  • Discount on bookings
  • Flight bookings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Hand-crafted holiday deals
  • Rental services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tours
  • Cruises


If you are looking for budget-friendly deals, TUI has you covered. Moreover, they offer everything from standard to luxury packages so you’ll surely find something that suits your taste.

Whether it is a visit to some of the best hotels in Vegas or a group tour around Mexico, TUI helps you execute your dream vacation. Aside from holiday packages, they cater to bookings; flights, and accommodation inclusive.

More so, they are your go-to option for family-friendly holidays. TUI owns a cruise line so you know where to get the best deals if a cruise has been on your mind

Major features

  • Cruises
  • Exclusive resorts and hotels
  • Tailor-made trips

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On this list of reliable tour operators, Kuoni UK is known for providing luxury holidays. They specialize in destinations vacation from Mexico to New Zealand down to Tanzania.

All you have to do is sit down with the company experts who will weigh your budget and preferences to reach a decision. Although they don’t come cheap, you are sure to get candid suggestions.

Ultimately, they have the best packages for beach, resort, and family trips. Holidays under Kuoni are ATOL-protected.


  • Specialist trips
  • Tailor-made holiday
  • Quality services
  • Traveler expert services

Hays travel

Every customer at Hays Travel has the opportunity to get a personal touch which has earned them a 4.9 rating. It’s safe to say they deserve a place among the top travel agents in UK.

As an independent agency, they have affiliate suppliers who team up to provide excellent services. With over 3000 travel advisors, you are sure of professional guidance for unforgettable adventures.

Suppose you are looking for excellent customer service, this agency is your best choice. Most importantly, Hay’s Travel is the largest travel agency in the UK.


  • Travel Insurance
  • All-inclusive deals
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Customized services
  • Expert advice


Travelers rate Jet2holidays as one of the best travel providers in the UK. Not to mention, it is the sixth-best agency based on customer service.

As a subsidiary of Jet2.com airlines, they offer one of the cheapest flight deals and numerous holiday benefits. On top of this, this agency provides value for your money in terms of holiday packages.

That aside, you can opt for this agency for active vacations that cover major activities like golfing or hiking. Customers are allowed to make payments in installments to reduce financial strain.

What they offer

  • Kid-friendly services
  • Low deposits
  • Special holiday packages


Regarding top travel agents in UK, Travelperk stands out for offering the most competitive rates for corporate trips and business events. However, their prices may depend on package type and booking time.

Think of this agency as an essential tool to achieve a high-quality travel experience. Customers enjoy their flexible booking options, you can even cancel a trip two hours before departure.

Among other services, they have a solid reputation for group events or travel retreats. So if you ever plan on a destination event with your companions, Travelperk has special deals for this purpose.


  • Group travel packages
  • Luxury deals
  • Flexible booking
  • Holiday budget calculator
  • Safety alerts


To conclude, when planning your next trip, consider reaching out to any of these travel agents on this list. They offer more than just flight bookings, they provide valuable advice to help you avert travel mishaps.


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