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Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia


Let us help you decide on the best time to visit New Zealand and Australia. First, understanding the timing is crucial in determining when to travel to these captivating destinations to maximize your travel experience. So, come along and let us explore the best times to visit these places.

The best time to visit New Zealand and Australia

Australia and New Zealand are similar destinations, and deciding between them isn’t a simple task. Both countries have a well-developed infrastructure facilitating regular travel between major cities, with multiple daily flights and bus services.

The cost of living in both countries is compatible, though it tends to be higher than in other foreign destinations. However, accommodation in Australia is slightly more expensive than in New Zealand.

Exceptional Wild Life In New Zealand and Australia.

Both cities are magical lands with unique animal species. Australia has about 50 types of marine mammals; over 378 species of mammals, 4000 fish species, 300 lizard species, 2 crocodile species, 140 snake species, and others, such as over 60 species of kangaroos.

These pouched mammals can be seen anywhere in the country, but you must keep your eyes open to experience them properly. Other species, such as Koalas, Wombats, Kiwis, Cassowaries, platypus, and many others are found in different regions of Australia.

New Zealand has unique animals, but most species are not native except bats and marine mammals. Despite being exclusive sometimes, these animals, from Kiwi birds to the world’s smallest penguins, make New Zealand a home for many species of animals.

Animals like sheep are not precisely wildlife, but you will find many in New Zealand as you drive through the lush, rolling farmland on the South and the North Island. The Dusky Dolphins are pretty much along the coast of the small island country.

Peak Season In New Zealand vs Australia.

Australia has many stunning spots to visit within a different time zone. Hence, it will be difficult to answer the question of the best time to visit without considering your budget, interests, and preferences.

December is a regular time to visit Australia because of its climate, and it is also a school holiday time for Australians.

For tourism, Cradle Mountain is a unique national park in the middle of Tasmania, a place worth visiting. You can embark on a scenic helicopter for a better and easier view and then trek from Ronny’s Creek to Dove Lake, where you will see other animals along the way.

The dry season is from May to October, and it has crystal blue skies and days filled with radiant sunshine. At this time, you can explore festivals, movies, and outdoor markets.

From December to March, there are occasional rainstorms amidst a hot and humid climate. During this season, Lichfield and Kakadu national parks boast rumbling waterfalls with water levels reaching their peak.

Most importantly, you will find the fly over to Katherine George to experience the beautiful waterfalls in Australia.

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To best enjoy the beaches, plan your visit during summer between December and February and visit the north region of the south islands.

Summer in Australia begins from December down to February. You can visit this time to walk along the coastline and enjoy nature’s handwork and lovely atmosphere. You can also embark on excursions to national parks, vineyards, day spas, and golf courses.

You will also need some sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn and get ready to witness the Australian thunderstorms during summer (October to April).

New Zealand, on the other hand, offers different weather and climate conditions; from lounging on subtropical beaches during summer to skiing in winter, there’s something for everyone.

The prime time to visit is from late spring to early autumn. Knowing how the weather will affect your plans and your desired experience for a fulfilling trip is essential.

In New Zealand, many travelers from the Northern Hemisphere, particularly those with children in school, often find that their opportunity to visit New Zealand aligns with the country’s winter season. So, if you fall into this category, I recommend embracing the colder conditions and heading to the mountains.

Queenstown and Fiordland are breathtaking in winter, whereas the northern coastal area may appear gloomy and less attractive. Alternatively, crowds of domestic and foreign tourists are usually in the most popular regions. You will enjoy the advantage of bypassing a portion of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Travel tips for New Zealand and Australia

Choosing the best route to travel to New Zealand is a personal choice. There are multiple options with unique advantages. Your travel style, budget, and timeframe will determine the best option.

Some transport options to consider in New Zealand

Guided Tours

Some buses covering most areas of the country from days to weeks are a straightforward way to travel and learn new places.

Domestic Flights

New Zealand has two major airlines, ‘Air New Zealand’ and ‘Jetstar’, which are affordable. In addition to this, these airlines are cheaper, and flying between cities can be expensive. You could be limited to flight schedules and airport locations.

Public Transportation

New Zealand’s network of regional buses and trains links significant cities and towns to offer a convenient and cheap travel option. However, it takes longer and is less flexible than other transport systems.

Steps to make your dream trip to Australia and New Zealand a reality

  • Choose your preferred location
  • Find things to do in Australia or New Zealand
  • Pick a favorable time of the year
  • Uncover itineraries, both the big and the small
  • Locate your chosen accommodation
  • Begin your budget
  • Maximize a planning app
  • Allocate enough time to complete your visa application.


In conclusion, visiting New Zealand and Australia is a time to enjoy mountains, rainforests, wildlife, and exciting beaches. You will also be exposed to the world’s most dynamic cities on your trip. So, it is in your power to decide on the best time to visit Australia and New Zealand according to your location and your desired experience.


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