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5 Great places to visit in France for vacation


With numerous places to visit in France, tourists can enjoy a variety of unique experiences. This is one place in Europe where millions of visitors desire to share in the land’s beauty.

Moreover, there are charming towns popular for special features you can’t afford to pass up on. Whether it’s food, scenery, or fashion, Paris throws opportunities to anyone open to exploring the land.

From the bustling energy of Paris to the historical landmarks of Versailles and the natural wonders of Dune du Pilat, there’s something for everyone. This article is a mix of the best locations in this picturesque country.

Places to visit in France


The first on our list of places to visit in France is Paris. As the biggest city in France, Paris reigns supreme on this list. Additionally, this is a popular tourist site courtesy of its various attractions. With the infectious energy the street oozes, a sad man will surely forget all his worries.

The favorite attraction for visitors is the Eiffel Tower, hovering meters above the ground. It serves as the perfect backdrop for photographs. You can also visit world-class Museums like the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay

More so, there are beautiful gardens for couples on a romantic date. A stroll around the city will help you meet other tourists and experience the electrifying city.

The downside of Paris is the busy streets and crowds, which may be noisier than you are used to. Instead of moving about on foot like the majority of tourists, you can rely on metro trains for easier transportation.


This destination records 15 million visitors yearly, so you can decide to avoid it if you hate crowds. However, it is a landmark that attests to the rich heritage of the French.

From the ancient palaces to the queen’s Hamlet, you will step back to the historical era. If this is your next destination, ensure you get tickets early to avoid the long queue.

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Located on the northwest coast of France, this charming city holds ancient memories. First, the coast is connected with World War II, and then there’s an American cemetery at Colleville.

Aside from its connection to modern history, Normandy is the perfect destination for cheese lovers. You can either tour any of the four cheese origins or visit the farms at Normande for fresh milk.

You will also experience several culinary traditions and ancient architecture. Once you visit, this UNESCO World Heritage site will be enchanting.

Dune du Pilat

If you succeed in reaching the highest point of Europe’s tallest dune, you can get the best view of the city. This natural wonder is found in the Aracachon Bay Area.

Dune du Pilat has five campsites if you want to sleep in tents and light some fire. It is the right spot for outdoor activities, including paragliding and hiking.

Finally, there’s the Corniche Beach right at the foot of the dune. It provides a perfect spot to cool off after a rigorous climb up the dune.


As the country’s wine capital, Bordeaux makes our list of interesting places to visit in Paris. First, you can visit the La Cite du Vin to taste and learn about the region’s wine history. There are outdoor cafes if you’d rather have your French food with enough sun to keep you tan.

However, Bordeaux isn’t just for people who want a taste of unique wine. You can stroll down to river Garonne for some cool breeze or just appreciate the beautiful architecture in the city.


To summarize, these are must-visit destinations offering a blend of everything good in France. Before visiting, ensure you meet all the travel requirements or consider consulting a travel agent to make your trip easy.


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